Survival Gear Essentials, Part 2

Water Purification Tablets are survival essentials
Are you prepared to drink water in the wilderness?

I have examined some creative survival gear essentials, but that is only the beginning when it comes to being prepared for the wilderness, and doing it in a smart and cost-effective manner.  I will now dig into some more wilderness survival essentials and ways to save on key survival items you may not have considered.

Stay Healthy While Surviving

  • Hand Sanitizer – This is useful to have on hand after cleaning fish or field dressing an animal in order to reduce the risk of infection and illness.
  • Water Purification Tablets – In the event that you run out of water, water purification tablets are a useful item to have on hand. You should look for a running water source. Water that is still should never be consumed. Still water can be contaminated with germs, resulting in severe diarrhea and vomiting, as well as dehydration.
  • Extra Socks and Gloves – It’s a good idea to bring a spare pair of socks and gloves. You never know when your first pair of shoes will get wet. Wet socks in the cold are a huge hassle and uncomfortable. In the wilderness, you don’t need this. You must take all necessary precautions to avoid illness and infection. It’s also a good idea to bring a cap or beanie to keep your head warm from the cold.

Get Innovative While Surviving

  • Ball of bright Yarn or String – You will be not be crocheting! This will be used as a marker to help you identify parts of your surroundings and for search parties to locate you. Cutting off a 12-inch section and attaching it to a tree branch where it can be seen would suffice. I suggest orange or red string, as bright colors do the job best.
  • Steel Rebar – Insider survival tip! This is fantastic to have on hand! I come upon two sticks in the shape of a “Y.” Place the metal rebar in the “Y’s” and stick them in the ground on the outsides of the fire. Your container or pot can now be hung over the fire.
  • Notepad or Journal and a Pen – I always keep a notepad with me to jot down observations about my surroundings. I’ve also used journal pages in conjunction with the red or orang string to post notes on trees in the woods to aid search parties in finding me.

Next Up…..

I have explored two rounds of creative survival gear essentials for the wilderness. I will next turn to a deeper look into some more traditional survival essentials, including tactical gear, and creative ways to save with tactical cashback and survival gear cashback.

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