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Never overpay when you can save on Backpacking Tents! The attributes desired in a hiking or trekking tent differ from those in a camping tent placed close to a car. The most significant distinction is that the hiking tent must be carried, thus it should be lighter. A modern two-person tent typically weighs four to five pounds. A large family camping tent can weigh twenty pounds or more. Solo or single person tents can be as light as three pounds and are ideal for solo hiking. If you’re hiking with another person, it’s normally more weight-efficient to split the gear and bring a two-person tent.

Get a Quality Tent

When hiking, the tent’s quality is much more vital because there is usually nowhere dry to go if the tent leaks. While a high-quality tent is not required, low-cost bargain shop tents should only be utilized if the weather forecast predicts clear skies. When you’re exhausted, wet, and cold, and the nearest dry spot is at least ten miles away on a rough trail, it’s easy to put a damper on what should be a fun outdoor adventure. Mountain Hardwear Deals can help you save on quality tents and outdoor gear!

Sleeves & Clips

Tent poles are often fastened to the tent in one of two ways. One uses sleeves to slide the poles through, while the other uses clips to fasten over the poles. In some cases, clips and sleeves are used in tandem. In general, clip-based designs are quicker to set up and take down, whereas sleeve-based designs are more durable and can be mended with a needle and thread right at the campsite. For most situations, I believe the clips are enough, and they are generally preferable because they allow the tent to be set up and removed more quickly. Check out the tents and camping gear available with BRoadout Cashback.

Double Wall vs. Single Wall Construction

Tents with two walls require a separate rain fly to keep the rain out. Although they are significantly heavier and take a little longer to set up than their single-walled equivalents, they are often less expensive, warmer, and more durable in damp situations. Single wall tents are appealing because to their reduced weight specs and small packing space, however double wall tents are often a better value economically.

Staked Designs and Freestanding Tents

Free-standing tents are becoming more commonplace than in prior decades. Their main advantage is that they don’t need to be staked into the ground to be set up. Stakes are still necessary to keep the tent from blowing around, but they don’t have to be driven too deep into the ground. Staked tents are lighter than free-standing tents, but they must be staked firmly into the ground to maintain their shape. If the soil is hard or rocky, it might be difficult to set up and maintain a staked tent. After bending several tent pegs beyond repair trying, I’m now a believer in freestanding tents.

3-Season and 4-Season Options

Three-season tents are exactly that: tents built for camping in the spring, summer, and fall. Because fewer people backpack in the winter than in the other three seasons, three-season tents account for the great majority of tents sold. Four-season tents are bigger and more difficult to carry because they are made of heavier materials to withstand winter weather. If you’re camping early in the spring or late in the fall, several manufacturers offer a three-season tent; but, unless you’re planning to camp in the winter, a three-season tent will suffice without adding undue bulk and weight. Discover a wide range of tents at discounted prices from RedFox Outdoor Equipment and save on backpacking tents.

Tent Vestibules

If you don’t have enough room in your tent to keep your shoes, vestibules are an excellent way to keep them dry while remaining outside the main tent. Some vestibules have enough overhang that the screen or even the entrance can be left open when it rains. While I am dry inside the tent, I appreciate experiencing the breeze from a storm. The vestibule is definitely not worth the weight for most people, but it is a lovely indulgence. Camping World offers a wide range of tents, tent vestibules, and seemingly endless camping gear.

Final Thoughts to Save on Backpacking Tents

While different people will choose different tents based on different criteria, knowing the fundamental distinctions between tents will help you choose the one that best suits your hiking style and environment. Regardless of your intended use, be sure to save on backpacking tents and outdoor gear with Camping Cashback and Hiking Deals! Also, shelters of various forms are always ripe for savings!

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