Survival Gear Essentials, Part 4

Stay healthy in the wilderness
Water is critical to surviving in the wilderness!

This fourth installment will be my last look at wilderness survival essentials for now, and I will conclude with a few more basics, focused on how to stay healthy in the wilderness. Here are a few small items that can make a huge difference when it comes to your health in the wilderness.

Stay Healthy in the Wilderness

Water & Water Storage – Water is the most crucial item to have on hand. It is critical that you stay hydrated, and you may not be near a source of water for some time. I suggest bringing a canteen or sturdy water container in your pack, and filling it at every opportunity where moving water is available.

Small Cans of Food/Trail Mix – With the gear outlined in my previous looks at survival gear essentials, hopefully you will have what you need to gather or kill food in the wild.  That said, it wouldn’t hurt to have a bag of trail mix or nourishing snacks on hand, in addition to a few cans of food, preferably with peel back tabs. If not included in your multi-tool, be sure to pack some utensils as well.

First Aid Kit – If you get hurt, you’ll be glad you have this. This package contains many things needed to treat the majority of common wounds.  You never know what may happen in the wilderness, and not having a good first aid kit could be a fatal mistake.

Small Tarp and Emergency Blanket – The tarp can be used as a roof or walls for a makeshift shelter, and the blanket will keep you warm. Don’t go bulky with these, as the goal is to roll them up and fit them in your backpack.

Rainproof Poncho – These can be purchased for very little money and are really useful when nature decides to rain on you.

Final Thoughts, For Now

Believe it or not, everything I’ve covered in my four posts on Survival Gear Essentials should fit in a good backpack, aside from the rebar. When it comes to your backpack, I recommend looking for one with a waist strap for increased back support. Although the items you’ll be carrying won’t be heavy, you’ll be pleased you spent the additional money on a good pack after a time! Stay healthy in the wilderness, and live to fight another day!

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