Organize Your Disaster Planning, Part 2

Organized gear can go a long way!

With your written plan for disaster preparedness, you are ready to take the next steps to be organized and prepared for the unknown. But I must stress that you may put your plan into action in a meaningful way only once you have completed a plan and lists. Now let’s turn to preparing your survival gear and such as emergency supplies and related tips. Just remember: Establish, Contain, Label, and Maintain.

Establish a Space

Make a designated location for your emergency supplies in your car, office, house, or wherever else you could be during a disaster. Keep a bag in your car or at work, and set aside a pantry, shelf, or other location in your home for emergency water and food rations, as well as other supplies.

Contain It

Make sure that all goods are safely and hygienically kept in airtight bags or containers, especially when storing food. If any cans, cartons, or bags are opened for usage, have extra containers on hand. Keep everything as tidy as possible so that you can keep track of and find what you need, when you need it.

Label It

All of your supplies should be carefully labeled. When an emergency arises, you may not have the time or mental capacity to search through a jumble of goods for small items. Label things with expiration dates and “date opened” to avoid wasting resources and keep them fresh.

Maintain It

Maintaining all of your hard-won organization will save you money, time, and aggravation. Maintain a clean environment and rotate supplies so that nothing goes bad when you need it most!

In an emergency situation, a little organization can go a long way. Please consider following this advice and ideas for arranging your emergency plans and preparing your survival gear.

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